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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  April 18, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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33-year-old woman committed credit card fraud when working for them. the same thing she's accused of in the casino investigation. >> you worry someone pretends to be a person and begins to charge significant amounts of money. >> it was here where she was arrested for using a fake card on march 5. the investigation led to company tour of several more more suspects. at her arraignment, matthews blurted out she left her 3-year-old child alone in the car a cording to the sheriff office, deputies found the child, as well as syringes, methamphetamine and a notebook containing numerous credit card numbers she was arrested and bail raised to $50,000.
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the spokesperson for her former employer says everybody is saddened by the news especially for the little girl. >> the child was locked in a car with drug paraphernalia. who was -- whose name was used why she was so concerned about her job. >> the lawsuit camer mentioned was filed after she was fired last fall from her job in the administration office. she contends her boss, a church trustee, was spanking her with this paddle, forcing her to have sex in the shrine and she was fired when refusing to submit to further advances the church has a different reason. >> miss matthews was terminated from her employment for issues related to her work. to finances. >> the church says she embezzled a significant amount of money.
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>> we know from our investigation that it's 100,000s sxdz maybe more. >> police tell us their investigation is continuing and saying matthew is due in court under new charges. >> a driver plowed into a crowded see's candy store. take a look. the car almost all the way inside of the store. and investigators say two cars collided while one of them trying to make a left turn, sending one car careening through the front door. about 20 people were inside at the time, stocking up for easter the store sustained major damage. >> i would say it's going to
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take a while again. >> now, you can see here from sky seven the car was pulled out of the store and police do not believe drugs or alcohol were involved in this crash. >> san francisco police arrested a driver who hit a fire truck, then took off. it happened along nine street the woman driving a van down an alley. she turned and hit the truck. instead of stopping she drove on. firefighters chased >> a man on a bicycle was taken to the hospital the driver was not cited for the crash. no word on the extent of the injuries. >> san francisco man takes his dog out for a walk, only to see it attacked.
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police say two men grabbed the dog and stabbed it around 3:00 this morning. abc7 news joins us live from the mission district with details on this investigation and possible motive. >> this intersection stretches all the way down the block behind me. we're told the dog was a male pit bull, not neutered. that could be a key part of the investigation. all smile, no snarl, nina may be the sweetest pit bull in town. we met the 9-year-old american pit where people get too curious ooch is she giving puppies? does she have puppies? >> the answer is no. nina is fixed. >> the people that are in this neighborhood are after pits. breed them or sell them, do what they do, i don't know. >> the unwanted attention does
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not surprise rebecca kats. she says the city spaying ordinance makes finding intact pit bull somewhat difficult but people want them. >> getting pups, whatever else it is, if they want to fight they are looking for dogs that have not been sterilized. >> may have been part of what drew the folks in. >> the owner surviveed and no personal belongings were taken. >> based on the evidence at this point it appears that the two suspects attempted to take his dog. >> the suspects did take the dog, only perhaps not in the way they intended after the animal suffered stab wounds, the owner took his pit to this emergency veterinary clinic. it did not survive. >> the dog's owner just lost his
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best friend. >> she's a big dog. a love bucket. >> investigators in san jose said they found no trace of human remains inside of a former tv studio destroyed by fire last weekend. crews used cadaver dogs to search through the rubble. investigators didn't know if transient who's took shelter there made it out in time. a man accused of starting the fire will face charges >> a street in piedmont remains closed after an unusual mudslide knocked over trees and power lines mud began flowing on the hillside we can see it covered a large morgues of moraga
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it hasn't rained in days so the cause of the mudslide was something of a mystery. we're still taking a look to see what caused it. >> officials say it was caused by a faulty irrigation system the property owner may now have to pay for repairs. >> there has been little impact from a powerful earthquake that rocked part of mexico today. the 7.2 quake shook much of central and southern mexico the video shows damaged buildings in mexico city. this tremor lasted about 30 seconds people evacuate and fled into streets we know of no reports of any serious injuries.
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>> today's tumbler is the most recent of several sizeable earthquakes to hit in now a 7.2 near acapulco. so, what is going on here? >> the ring of fire as a distinction of producing more earthquakes but making a case there is a coralation is one on another part of the ring is not a given. >> earthquake strong enough to cause a wall to collapse in mexico city. the latest reminder the pacific is the most active seismic region in the world.
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it encompasses coastal areas. however, earthquake experts say the fault as long the coast have been building up stress for tumblers not extraordinary. >> these haven't all been large earthquake buzz a range of sizes. this is we've seen are what we'd typically see over sort of a long, this time of a span with variations in activity. it's common. >> however, the pattern can be disturbing. we've seen disruption in japan. there have been two in chile. and bay area sits on the ring of fire too. 1989 earthquake said fires created deep cracks in roadways.
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that is our boundaries >> technology is making strands on predicting earthquakes. >> an earthquake warning system activated this morning in caltech in pasadena. a similar system gave time to take shelter. >> it gave acapulco about 27 seconds warning. >> in menlo park, abc7 news >> still ahead tonight here on abc7 news a little girl and chickens she keeps as pets. why her parents are now fighting a nasty lawsuit. >> san francisco commemorates the earthquake that defines history. what didn't happen today for the first time in more than a century. >> a man orders an item from a shopping network but the show
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goes off the air. >> a change in the weather. details comi
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what began with boast of intentions turned into a fight with a homeowner with chickens and a homeowner association with rules against them. >> before chicken, egg, there was a coop tonight the question is which
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will be here longer? the birds or $13,000 home? >> we wanted to build a nice coop. >> now, he and his wife, and their daughter, who has four chickens do have a problem. >> they're neighborhood association has rules against barn yard >> people here don't want them. >> we tried to figure out a good solution they've stuck to their chickens are not common pets.
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>> it's a megamansion the neighborhood association unimpressed, however, it worries about barn yard pet proliferation. >> you allow chickens you have goats. you have pigs. you have -- whatever. >> if the ccnr said no chickens we won't have chick yenz but they said caged birds. that is a cage. those are birds. >> what began for the family as a lesson in sustainability and raising food has become a matter fighting what they believe n the family hired a lawyer the case is scheduled for july. >> do you know what court is? >> yes. >> it seems there will be something this fight about. from kent woodlands, abc7 news. >> dozens of san francisco city workers responding to last month's fire in mission bay were honored today. firefighters not the only ones recognized so are police and parking control officers.
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it would fund upgrades to police and fire services. the fire department showed off its high pressure water system taking water from the bay to put out the huge fire several blocks away. >> san francisco marks 108th avenue of the ernl quake and fire that destroyed 80% of the city. nobody who lived through that quake was on hand to commemorate it. abc7 news has the story tonight. they sounded sirens on market street. so remember the moment the earthquake struck. more than 100 people showed up. some in costume.
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>> we're here to honor survivors of the day. >> they hold the celebration at the fountain because it's one of the only structures still standing after the quake. the estimated 3,000 people died and most of the city burned to the ground. >> so we're ready are you ready? >> the mayor used the day of the importance of being prepared. and the fire chief emphasized help might not arrive right away. you need to take charge of your own fate. >> there is a web site that tells you all you need to do to be self shovent for 72 hours. >> then moving to 20th and church. they gave it a fresh coat of paint. organizers say it never gets
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old. >> san francisco is a wonderful day for traditions. it's nice to be part of it >> this is the first time they haven't been able to sur attend the ceremony. organizers know of two but they were too frail to attend. >> you'll find guidelines in developing a plan for your family on abc7 >> we're heading into a holiday weeke weekend, easter. >> beautiful weather for easter. if you have plans this weekend tomorrow we're not going to see a lot of change but sunday warms it up for you guys. you know we'll talk about easter here in just a moment we do have low clouds along the
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coastline. high clouds east bay. snow has been falling here. it's been an active afternoon and continues to be into evening hours. from our camera, you can see low clouds there. it's 60 in oakland. 66 san jose. sutro camera showing you a nice view of san francisco. still mild in fairfield and concord. from our roof camera, you can see those flags are swaying in the wind, trees are blowing and it's breezy out there. some areas cooled off today. warming up for easter. a chance of showers monday night going into tuesday. we can worry about that after the weekend. really we do have nice weather coming. tomorrow, you're not going to
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notice a lot of change. it's going to be like today in terms of temperatures. if you're going to services just bundle up. you'll see clear skies by afternoon, warmer. sunday, 60s to 80s. we'll notice monday, clouds increasing by monday night going into tuesday morning we'll see a chance of light showers. there is another system. low clouds covering the coast and bayside along with gilroy, low 70s. it's going to be breezy again
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daily city, 58 degrees. close to average for santa rosa and napa and east tomorrow arcs way from the coastline, accu-weather forecast warming it up for you you'll notice it on sunday. perfect timing. monday night we're watching for possibility of needing umbrellas cooler tuesday, and windy. mid-50s to mid-60s. friday night things change again. we're looking at potentially wetter and stronger storm. >> nice. >> yes. >> we'll see. >> thank you. >> coming up next, bringing you good news for a change on the california drought. >> update from 11 eyes stadium. tough turf is now in place.
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chase. so you can tonight first good news to report about california drought. officials in sacramento said today that because of the rain and snow that fell in february and march they'll be able to deliver 5% of the water aloe indicated to cities and farms on the state water system.
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not enough to end the drought we're in. it's enough to eliminate the need for rock barriers in the delta. >> if you notice a lot of police activity this morning part of a training exercise involving different agencies. police joined forces to response. the training monitored by tsa inspectors. >> you're using a dual force where i have a radio. >> bart hopes to join a regional system when the oakland system jumps on board.
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>> ground crews installed a special turf that can take a beating and requires less water. it's bandera bermuda >> just ahead world's highest mountain peaks you'll hear from a man who witnessed it. >> a captain towelling off here after leaving hundreds of passengers behind. >> the launch of a cargo mission to international space station. professional cheerleader proving beauty and brains are not mutually exclusive.
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oorngs developing news in colorado investigators are checking out a note ta caused a plane to land. it shows passengers on the tarmac. it was scheduled to land but the plane had to get out of the area as a precaution.
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a flight attendant found a bomb threat written and left in the gallie. police have not found anything to substantiate this threat. >> an avalanche on mount everest being called the worst disaster ever on the world's highest peak. officials in nepal say the guides were setting up ropes for a group when the avalanche hit this morning the elevation, 21,000 feet. one climber waiting and says the snow slide came out of nowhere. >> experience was great. going well. then, suddenly, there with a huge slide we got covered but this cloud of snow dust. for a few seconds i thought this is going to take me out. >> 4,000 climbers scaled mount everest since first concord in 1953 by sir edmund hillary.
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>> the captain of the ferry that sank in south korea is admitting he was not on the bridge when the ship began lifting. video surfaced of him towelling off after he abandoned ship with hundreds of passengers still on board he reportedly left a third mate at the helm. the ferry is underwater. divers were able to enter today and found several bodies huddled in the cafeteria. officials say 28 people are dead and 268 still missing, most high school students this, man, the vice principal who organized the trip and was kes res cued committed suicide today. >> tonight reporter looks at emotions the families are enduring now. >> hope, slipping away. anger, replacing grief.
6:32 pm
families lashed out at whoever they could. return them to us, they say. these families have been here since the ship went down on wednesday. police officers brought in to patrol the crowd what do you expect of us? says this father, whose teen-aged son is among the missing. >> he left saying dad, i'll be back, he says now, he's in the sea. >> i want to jump in the sea, she says, thinking about my child in the sea. how i can eat? drink? i hate myself for this. >> this couple can't bear to show their son's picture or utter his name. they and other parents say they need answers.
6:33 pm
why were their children told to stay put instead of escaping? >> are you feeling that there is hope for your child? >> my hill baby is in the sea. in the dark. i worry he's shivering with fear, hunger. we need to rescue him fast. i don't know what to do. i just want him back. a nation's prayers from many faiths fill this port, waiting to be answered. >> san francisco churches are joining tonight for a prayer service for the ferry victims and families. it gets underway p just minutes at 7:00 at the first korean presbyterian church in san francisco located at 333 tunnel avenue. >> nasa's space craft ladde
6:34 pm
destroyed in a crash today. it went down this morning on the dark side of the moon. researchers believe it vaporized on contact. ladde was launched to search for water molecules it's the only space craft to be designed and built at nasa ames research center at moffett field. >> coming up a couple goes on a bling fling. their jewelry arrived there was a problem. >> michael finney solved that, too.
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[father]how old are you to catch that? [boy]three! [father]you're three years old? show me how many fingers that is. one man says he finds great deals on jewelry but is his last purchase went wrong. >> he turned to michael finney for help. >> you might think it would take a leap of faith to call that number on the screen and give out your credit card number this, viewer says is a great way to get bargains. at least, host of the time.
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>> richard williams enjoys watching shopping channels that sell precious jewels >> his wife enjoys the bling. >> i have so many. which do i wear today? >> richard saw this sapphire ring offered on a channel called gems bond >> it's a star sapphire. and the blue colors are getting more and more rare. >> he figured it was a bargain at $1600 he ordered and waited. >> it never showed up. iet was supposed to be a christmas gift for karen. holidays came and went, winter turned into spring, no ring >> i kept asking for a date. >> richard kept calling the company that kept promising to send the ring. the gems bond tv channel went off air. that is when he contacted 7 on your side. the owner tells us the business run into problems and his wife
6:39 pm
became ill. he promised richard would get the ring. sure enough it arrived. one problem. >> beautiful ring. but it doesn't fit. >> the ring was too small. 7 on your side sent richard $70 to get resized. plus this, >> because i was unable to work the ring was mace mis stakenly returned to supplier then shipped back. i have sent to it mr. williams. i apologized for the delay. >> i am mrized. i would like to thank gems bond for stepping up with the ring
6:40 pm
and gift the owner says he hopes he gets back on the air. now if you have a problem with any issue let me know about it. go to abc7 and look at the 7 on your side page >> great job again. he stepped up. >> he did great. >> we loved it. >> coming up next, a spring rebirth now underway on mount diablo. long, low slow recovery from a fire.
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sunday is when a much-needed cargo container is scheduled to dock at the international space station. space x three blasted off from cape canaveral this afternoon. a leak and radar outage contributed to the delay the cargo container called dragon is bringing food, a new space suit, mating flies and a lettuce growing experiment to the awes nauts also on board is an experiment can appeal for sports fans.
6:44 pm
>> they're beautiful. they can dance. and they're smart. >> i'm a phd student. >> really start. >> she's a cheerleader with a master's degree. >> that is a video, so this s.this. they're on a mission to show girls they can dance, and be smart. now on another mission. to space. >> wendy went there for a launch. there she is is launching kits into the crowd in a basketball game. she and her fellow cheerleaders took samples found everywhere from the 50 yard line to the crack in the hib ti bell from center court to sole of a shoe.
6:45 pm
>> and 48 of those are being sent to the space station. >> this professor is leading the study saying it won't have happened without cheerleadership. >> there are too many places. >> astronauts will grow in these racks and sample bacteria from space station to see what is growing there. >> they'll watch my training which i think is super cool. >> what sells super cool? science, of course, maybe something to get up and dance about. >> science is super cool people like cheerleaders can be involved in real science. >> governor brown granted part ones to drug offenders and they've been good citizens
6:46 pm
according to the governor's office. >> pope francis presided over good friday mass, began on the floor in front of the altar. later in rome, the pontiff led a procession marking the way of the cross. >> a spring resurrection taking place on mount diablo. tonight abc7 news revisits the scene of the fire. >> hills are alive with wild flowers in the charred remains of september's 3,000 acre fire. >> this looks better than i
6:47 pm
thought it would be. i remember seeing flames from 580, 680. >> it's black. now everything is coming up. flowers beautiful. gorgeous. >> not to say all returned to flush past. amid daisies there is plenty charred >> we didn't have rainfall expected. so did expect it to be better. >> there is some landscapes. >> lack of rain is raising new concerns about what a hot, dry summer could bring.
6:48 pm
>> time for a check of the forecast. >> yes. we have easter coming up >> yes. and tomorrow, 77 in yosemite. sunshine in los angeles, 72 degrees. here in the bay area, hanging on to low clouds near the coast. 56 half moon bay tomorrow. 64 san francisco. low 70s in anta rosa and napa. 68 in oakland. 75 livermore. mild weather expected, great looking weather for a baseball game. so if you're going to the a's game, you need a cap. mid-60s into the afternoon. uv is high. you'll need sun screen. it only gets warmer easter. looking at the accu-weather forecast, mid-80s after that,
6:49 pm
it's down hill. as far as temperatures are concerned. monday, tuesday, cooler. you might want to have your umbrellas handy. >> nice. . >> i just put mine away. >> yes. >> thank you. >> time now for sports. larry beil is off. >> talking playoffs that time of the year >> yes. >> lots to talk about. bragging rights up for grabs in two series. sharks needed their part against los angeles can warriors do theirs against l.a. tomorrow? getting ready to rumble. sports is coming up next.
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warriors and clippers are meeting for the past few seasons have been heated and they've been physical. expect more of the same in round one that starts tomorrow. whit comes to bulletin board material you won't get any from coaches both gushing mutual respect for squads a day before the teams square off. >> we're under dogs they're an outstanding team with the edge as far as the team. they should be the favorite.
6:53 pm
they've got the edge as far as coaching. they should have the edge. and now, let's roll the dice. >> i have a lot of respect for them. you know? they did something we didn't last year. they advanced. we didn't. so you have to give them that respect. they know how to advance we don't. >> steph curry is a fan of april for the second year barnered nba player of the month honors for month of april. >> it's a good time and humbling honor. >> i think he averages about 30 per game game one is tomorrow in l.a. you can see the game here on abc7. sharks showcased in a victory last night
6:54 pm
but it's the three that gave up. sharks held a lead after two periods. three goals, and then process made a statement the statement being we're a proud team, not going anywhere. sharks would score to seal the win. a wake up call heading into game two, sunday night. >> you can't stop talking against a team like that they're going to do what they're going to do. so... i think they've got to learn from that. it's nice you can feel that done with. >> a's return together coliseum tonight with the best record not only in the west but entire american league. the team they have just owned a
6:55 pm
last season taking 15 out of 19 games. coco chris and the big news arcs a have agreed on a five-year contract extension the 27-year-old south paw becoming a stall wort in eight games pitched this season. nine strike outs. no walks. spain's pablo was not practicing a dance but attacked by a swarm of hornets on the 14th hole, stung 20 times, jumped into a lake then put a new shirt on, wet pants. sticks the approach and birdies the hole. amazing. i'm guessing he's not pe feeling well having been stung 20 times. >> play on. >> yes. >> no doubt about that. very impressive. >> thank you. >> join me tonight at 9:00.
6:56 pm
hitting the down button when you get home. concept in-housing that turns everything upside down. that is at 9:00. then, at 11:00 she may not have won the lottery but she was lucky. how she managed to walkway with her life while buying lotto tickets >> tonight here on abc7 back to back episodes of "last man standing" followed by shark tank and 20 to at 10:00. and if you're a dish customer, you can see all programming online or on smart phone by using watch abc. go to abc7 and click on watch abc logo or down load the app in your app store. >> that does it for this edition of abc7 news. breaking news continues on twitter on abc7 news bay area. >> from all of us here, have a good night.
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